Toner-Ökobox – what’s that?

The Toner-Ökobox is a cardboard box in which you can collect your empty toner cartridges, ink cartridges and drum units. We provide free delivery and collection of the box by courier service throughout Austria.


What’s it for?

Our purpose is sustainability. You avoid producing residual waste by returning valuable resources for reuse in new products. It’s all down to sustainable recycling and recycling management. And you’ll profit from our free collection service.


Who can get the box?

Companies, organizations or private persons passionate about environmental issues


Does it cost anything?

Our collection service is free. You’ll be reimbursed once we’ve checked your delivery.


How does it work?

We provide companies, organizations and private persons with the Toner-Ökobox (measurements: 595 x 395 x 640 mm) either by parcel service or by pallet box (measurements: 1,185 x 785 x 675 mm). As soon as the box is full we immediately have it collected.


Social projects


We support the SOCIUS association www.socius.at. SOCIUS aims to actively help people who are living in difficult circumstances in Austria. The non-profit association exclusively pursues charitable purposes. Its goal is to assist, advise and offer concrete support to people in need. The association actively fights poverty and social marginalization.